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Dangerous Goods


Aircraft Spare Parts / Aircraft Equipment

May contain explosives (flares or other pyrotechnics), chemical oxygen generators, unserviceable tyre assemblies, cylinder of compressed gas (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen or fire extinguisher), paint, adhesives, aerosols, life-saving appliances, first aid kits fuel in equipment wet or lithium batteries, matches, etc.



Automobiles, Automobile parts

(Car, motor, motorcycle) May contain ferro-magnetic material which may not meet the definition for magnetized material but which may subject to special storage requirements due to the possibility of affecting aircraft instruments. May contain also certain engines, carburettors or fuel tanks which contain or have contained fuel, wet batteries, compressed gases in tyre inflation devices, fire extinguishers, shocks/struts with nitrogen, air bag inflators, airbag modules, etc.

Breathing Aparatus

May indicate cylinders of compressed air or oxygen, chemical oxygen generators or refrigerated liquefied oxygen.



Camping Equipments

May contain flammable gases (butane, propane, etc.), flammable liquids (kerosene, gasoline, etc.) or other dangerous goods.



May contain items meeting any of the criteria for dangerous goods, particularly flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidizers, organic peroxides, toxic or corrosive substances.



COMAT (Company Materials)

Such as aircraft parts, may contain dangerous goods as an integral part, e.g. chemical oxygen generators in a passenger service unit (PSU), various compressed gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, aerosols, fire extinguishers, flammable liquids such as fuels, paints and adhesives, and corrosive material such as batteries. Other items such as flares, first aid kits, life-saving appliances, matches, magnetized material, etc.


Consolidated Consignments (Group pages)

May contain any of the defined classes of dangerous goods.



Cryogenic (Liquid)

Indicates refrigerated liquefied gases such as argon, helium, neon and nitrogen.



May indicate compressed or liquefied gas.



Show, Motion picture, Stage and Special Effects Equipment

May contain flammable substances, explosives or other dangerous goods.


Swimming pool Chemicals

May contain oxidizing or corrosive substances.



Switches in electrical Equipment or Instruments

May contain mercury.


Tool Boxes

May contain explosives (power rivets), compressed gases or aerosol, flammable gases (butanem cylinders or torches), flammable adhesives or paints, corrosive liquids, etc.




Micro torches may contain flammable gas and be equipped with an electronic starter. Larger torches may consist of a torch head (often with self-igniting switch) attached to a container or cylinder of flammable gas.


Unaccompanied Passengers Baggage / Personal Effects

May contain items meeting any of the criteria for dangerous goods, such as fireworks, flammable household liquids, corrosive oven or drain cleaners, flammable gas or liquid lighter refills or camping stove cylinders, matches, bleach, aerosol, etc.




May be packed in carbon dioxide, solid (dry ice).